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  • Toan Nguyen
    I have used a couple of CO detectors in the past and this one is pretty solid. It’s relatively small but does pack a whopping noise. The one I have before constantly needs battery changing every 3-4 months or so. It’s a battery hog, so let’s hope this one isn’t.
  • mattgb1
    About a week after it was installed, it sounded a brief warning alarm. I discovered an open, unlit stove burner, shut it off, and opened some windows. The alarm stopped right away.
  • l h schilling
    My son and grandson recently experienced carbon monoxide poisoning, fortunately during daytime when they were awake and able to be aware of symptoms. After a blood test in the emergency room they were treated with hyperbaric oxygen to prevent permanent effects. After hearing about this I ordered the P918 detector alarm. When I received it I was so impressed with the instructions and ease of testing and use that I ordered two more for another bedroom and for a friend.
Protect the life of your family with a Prevalert P918N Carbon Monoxide Detector.

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