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Just add a Prevalert Magnetic Kit to your Prevalert CO Alarm
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Easy To Install

Comes with quick fix mounting bracket, screws, and instructions for easy and quick installation. No handyman required.

Extremely Reliable

Has low battery warning, fault signal warning, self-test button to verify that it's working.

Quality Guaranteed

Every detector is individually tested and calibrated to ensure the compliance with the standards.

Latest Technology

Electrochemical technology sensor detects CO concentrations low enough to fully protect you from the silent killer.

Even for a non-handy guy installation was a snap. OMG Alarm came the same week 1 died and dozens rushed to hospitals after carbon monoxide leak at Long Island, NY mall. I am sending one of these Alarms to my brother who lives in Fla. Not only was this a great decision but also a great buy.

- Robert Donovan

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